Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gaslight and CX so far

If were friends on Facebook or Twitter you probably already know about my crash at Gaslight.  On the last lap I was in good position and a guy from a certain team on the west side, that wears a like blue kit, and has 3 letters in their name, got nervous about riding over a pothole and took many of us out.  My Garmins last recorded speed was 27 so I hit the ground pretty hard on the high side and was then ran into from behind.  I was left with a nasty hematoma on my back and my hip was jacked up.  I'm still dealing with the hematoma and according to the doctor I will for a while.  The hip was a bigger issue and it was still sore going into Ithaca.  I wasn't able to get off my bike and hop barriers.  I took it easy though and by race day I was still sore but it was manageable.

Ithaca could have been epic.  Training wise I was feeling strong.  It was just a matter of how my hip would hold up.  The course was great as usual and it even rained a little bit.  With the new way they are doing the grouping I'm not having great luck with starts.  In the cat3 race I didn't go off well but I was moving up in decent position. On the 2nd from last lap my rear brake jammed with sand from the sand pit.  It basically stopped my wheel from.  I quickly jumped off and try to fix it but by the time I got moving again I was getting lapped by the leader.  I could only get the bike to roll a little bit so I pulled off the course because I still had most of a lap to go.  In hindsight I should have just ran the rest of the course but I had mentally lost.  Then I had signed up for masters so I was thinking maybe I'd still get a full race in.  In practice after cleaning my bike off I rolled a tubular.  I we back and forth about borrowing someone else's wheel and ended up taking someone's wheel.  The pressure was too high so I dropped the pressure.  I ended up lowering it too much and didnt have a great experience.  Crashed a couple times and bent my handlebars.  Decided it was probably safer for everyone to just call it quits. Not the day I had intended on. 

At Waterford this past week I only signed up for the 3's for both days.  Saturday I got my typical bad start but I was moving up pretty good.  About 2 laps in I rolled my rear tire.  I was pretty pissed but said screw it.  I'm not quitting for this.  I popped the tire back on and kept going.  I ended up rolling the tire again but kept going.  I finished the race 8th.  Just happy to finish really.  Sunday came but this time I ran file tread clinchers.  I got my usually start but started picking guys off and felt pretty good. I worked my way up behind a Specialized rider.  He made comments about my squeaky brakes.  He was actually in the next category back but he was between me and 3rd place in my category.  I wanted to pass him because I knew I was faster.  Eventually he crashed right in front of me but that let the guy behind me pass both of us.  I passed the Specialized rider and went after the other guy.  He was in another category too but I needed to pass him to get to 3rd.  I eventually got around him and got up to the 3rd place rider but I just couldn't reel him in the last 10 meters or so.  I tried on the pavement but it didn't happen.  I ended up 4th and that was enough to finally get a medal in Cyclocross.  I've desperately tried for a while now and I'm glad to finally achieve it.  I feel good about this season as long as I keep the mechanicals away.  I've been working my team mates and they've been providing me some excellent guidance that has worked for them. 

Next up Lower Huron, cat wait!!!!!