Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Race Schedule...again

So things are changing and fast. I've gone from doom and gloom and not racing to mountain bike only to Xterra for sure starting in May. I'm very pleased with the recovery and thankful for a body that can bounce back so well.

As for the training, the bike going awesome. I rode 50 miles yesterday on gravel and some horse trails, that hadn't been pooped on yet. I had a blast doing that and took a few pictures since I had my phone.

So the 2012 schedule is changing again. I'm doing more long distance mountain bike races the edition of the Mohican 100 and Ruby 50. Although my wife is a little upset with all the racing. But here's the thing, when you have the fitness, you should use it. You can't keep it forever so you should capitalize on it. This approached worked very well for Ironman races. My first race went ok but the 2nd one went even better. I'm expecting these to be the same.

Race Schedule 2012
March 24th - Barry Roubaix Gravel Road Race
April 22nd - Yankee Springs Mountain bike TT
May 20th - Last Stand Xterra
May 26th – Hanson Hills 100
June 2nd - Mohican 100k
June 16th – Lumberjack100
July 7th – Stony Creek MTB marathon
July 21 - Xterra Versailles Indiana
August 5th - Ruby Campground XC
August 19th – Ruby 50
September 9th – Addison oaks Mtb
September 22nd - Xterra National Championships Ogden, UT
October 6th - 6 hours of Addison Oaks
November 3rd - Iceman Cometh

So there it is. One of the 2 Ruby races might not happen but at this point, they're on the schedule.

These are the pics I took on my ride yesterday.

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