Monday, January 30, 2012

Revised 2012 Race Schedule and other stuff

My original plan for 2012 was to seriously go after the Xterra series and get to Maui for the World Championships.  Due to the surgery, I won't be ready to compete on June 5th at the East regional championships for a qualifying spot.  I also won't be able to compete at the 2 local races at the end of May or middle of June either.  That said, I may be ready to compete at a race in Indian at the end of July.  The run portion is only 4 miles.  If I do well there I can get to Ogden, UT for the US Championships.  If do well there, I can qualify for Maui, but I don't think I would take the slot simply because I would be spending close to 700 dollars to fly my bike to 2 places and that is just ridiculous.  So I'm hoping to get to Ogden at least, and target Maui for 2013.

For 2012 I am really focusing on mountain bike racing.  I may throw in some road time trials or crits but my focus is turning to more offroad racing.  Don't get me wrong, I love endurance racing so many of my races are going to be long distance mountain bike races.  I have 2 6 hour races and 2 100 mile races scheduled, as well as a marathon which is about 60 miles.  In an Ironman I can get through the bike split in under 5 hours (as long as I don't have mechanical and it's Lake Placid :) ).  On a mountain bike it's going to be a bit different.  I'll be shooting for closer to 7.5-8 hours for the 100 mile race.  That's going to be grueling and I am looking forward to it.  I like the idea of the long distance biking but honestly, long distance running doesn't excite me.  I don't have the drive to do it anymore.  It was cool to do before because it was such a wow factor, but now I don't feel like I have anything to prove and I risk additional injuries and maybe even a 5th knee surgery which I am getting pretty sick of doing.  My last was just at the end of 2007.  Is this really worth it?  So I think Ironman and I are pretty much through.  I still love triathlon and despite what's said on Slowtwitch, you can be a triathlete without doing Ironman and that's my intention.   But this year is focused on recovery and long endurance mountain bike races.  I would love to race the Leadville 100 some day.  I've watched the video Race Across the Sky and think the whole experience looks really cool.

Here is my 2012 race schedule.  Some of the races could change based on where I am in my recovery.  The Xterra in July may very well end up being the first time I get to run again but we'll see.

Race Schedule 2012
March 24th - Barry Roubaix Gravel Road Race
April 22nd - Yankee Springs Mountain bike TT
May 6th – Fort Custer Augusta Michigan – Mountain bike race
May 12th - 6 hours of Stoney Creek
May 26th – Hanson Hills 100
June 16th – Lumberjack100
July 7th – Stony Creek MTB marathon
July 21 - Xterra Versailles Indiana (Hopefully I can run by then)
August 5th - Ruby Campground XC
August 19th – Island Lake Olympic
September 9th – Addison oaks Mtb
September 22nd - Xterra National Championships Ogden, UT
October 6th - 6 hours of Addison Oaks
November - Iceman ???


  1. You can be a triathlete with doing Ironman??? I don't buy it. (Where is that pink font when you need it - haha)

    That looks like an awesome schedule! I'll have to read up on those 6 hour events you have scheduled. Are those the sort of thing where you do as many loops/miles as you can in 6 hours?

    I'm still deciding on whether or not to tackle Barry-Roubaix on my MTN (26er) bike. It would be a totally different type of event for me. I probably have to decide in the next week or two or risk it filling up .

    1. Yea that's how they do it. Basically they score you first on laps and then on time. So say you and another person does 10 laps, then its after the 6 hour point who got back in first is the winnter.

  2. Love the schedule and commitement to try new things. I'll see you a lot this season as we have similar schedules.

    1. I'm nervous about the 100 miler's but I think it will be good. Not so much the riding, but more the support with nutrition. I'm used to a smorgasbord every 10 miles in an Ironman.

    2. I've done the LJ 100 2 times. There is an aid station about mile 18 on the 33 mile loop. You will be fine. Grab something there as well as at your pit tent/ set up at the start. Ive done the other 6/12 hour events as well... those are easy to adjust because they are multi-loop events. Literally a water bottle on your bike is all you need.. then have your food at the pits per loop. You will ROCK THE SNOT out of these events with your IM discipline!!!

  3. For the aid stations, are they handed off full bottles or you fill your own?

    1. Stop and grab a sandwich,fill your own with heed, water, pop and more.... Great feed station in the woods. You may not need this aid station, just use your own pit on the loops. Its just nice to know that it is out there if need be. Take a pal or team up with someone if possible for the pits. Have a cooler with pre-made bottles ready to go.